Tips to Rent an Apartment with Bad Credit

Thinking to rent an apartment? But worried of your bad credit? Bad credit score can be a hurdle in many things including obtaining a credit card, a mortgage or even to rent an apartment. And the worse situation is that you don’t even find a source that offers bad credit loans in NZ. But now you can rent an apartment with a bad credit easily by following the below tips:

Always be honest: Never try to cheat your landlord, be honest. Don’t hesitate to ask whether credit check is a part of the application process, what the minimum required score is and if there is any flexibility with their policy. Also, don’t forget to mention about your bad credit and what steps did you took to avoid similar problems in the future.

Be Ready for a Higher Security Deposit: While applying with a low credit score, be prepared to save for a hefty deposit on a rental. Expressing the ability to pay more upfront, a security deposit and totaling several months of rent in addition to first is a good way to alleviate a landlord’s fears about default.

Have Recommendations: Get references including past and present employers, prior landlords and roommates.

Consider a Co-signer: Sometimes landlords allow a relative or friend with good credit and solid income to be co-sign as an applicant, even though he/she don’t know him.

Have a Proof of Solid Income: Even though you have a bad credit, you can provide a proof of solid income to the landlord to show that you can pay the rent without any problem. To make the landlord believe you, bring copies of pay subs, prior year’s tax returns and proof of additional income.

Keep these points in mind while renting an apartment and live worry free. If you’re looking for a company that can offer bad credit loans, visit

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