Having a messy roommate can be a real headache, but fighting with them about cleaning up all the time can just make things worse. Here are a few tips to breach the subject while being considerate and tactful.
1. Put the fish on the table
This is an Italian saying about bringing up issues as they come up. If you keep the fish under the table, it will start to stink and be forgotten about, until it gets worse. If you put it on the table, you can eat it and move on without any dead fish smell! Basically if you are open and honest about how you feel regarding any issues that bother you, your roommate search relationship will be much better. If you are very annoyed by your roommate’s dirty habits and never bring it up, you are going to be frustrated all the time at home and constantly upset. Put the fish on the table and communicate with each other!
2. Be tactful about bringing up the subject
Letting your roommate know that they are a slob and that it frustrates you can come off the wrong way. Since you are most likely already frustrated, it can be tempting to try to embarrass them in front of others and shame them of their habits. This might make you feel better, however you are hurting your relationship with your roommate, and they may not change their habits because of resentment towards you. Simply put, approach the subject when it’s just the two of you. Let the other know how it makes you feel when you come home and there is a mess everywhere that the other created.
3. Set expectations, and follow them yourself also
A few simple guidelines can take the guesswork out of chores. Feel free to modify the rules to what works for you. Here is an example Always put dishes in the dishwasher, not just the sink, unless they are soaking Switch every other time for putting dishes away Whoever gets to the dishes first puts them away If you aren’t going to wash dishes, buy paper products Keep all your clothes inside your room When you are done with video games, wrap up the controllers Throw away beer cans and trash before you go to bed.

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